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The RORA MOTION Group head office is in Bad Reichenhall in Germany. It is the location of our centre of excellence for the development and sale of seals, O-rings, moulded parts and assemblies made of plastic and rubber for the automotive and aviation industries.

Weißstraße 3a
83435 Bad Reichenhall, Deutschland
Tel: +49 8651 95980 0
Fax: +49 8651 95980 99


Our production facility is in Tralee, Co. Kerry, on the south-west coast of the Republic of Ireland. This is our centre of excellence for the production of plastic parts, 2K composite parts and flash-free elastomer moulded parts using innovative tool technology, and for the assembly and automation of complex assemblies.

RORA MOTION Produktions GmbH

Monavalley Industrial Estate

Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland

United States of America

Our US subsidiary, RORA MOTION LP, consults with our North American customers to develop new and innovative components and sub-assemblies using all of RORA MOTION’s core technologies. We work very closely with our colleagues in Germany, Ireland, and Italy to offer RORA MOTION advantages that so many of our European customers know well.


55 West Monroe Street, Suite 2900

Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: +1 312 924 9022



Our Italian production facility is in Castelli Calepio near the city of Bergamo in Northern Italy. It is a centre of excellence in the RORA MOTION Group for the production of elastomer products using conventional tool technology and of 2K composite parts from rubber-plastic and rubber-rubber.

RO-RA s.r.l.

Via Don A. Ravizza, 16

24060 Castelli Calepio (BG), Italia